Monday, December 5, 2011

New Moon

Almost seven years ago I tore the ACL in my left knee. A straightforward surgery but not a short or simple recovery ensued, much of which, I recently discovered, I blocked out of my memory. I vowed to take good care of myself, to never again go through that, and yet here I am, not in Australia discovering the routes of Arapalies, or cragging on steep limestone over Thailand's beaches, or having an adventure on the granite of Patagonia. No, I find myself in Los Angeles, learning how to walk. (And to fly, but we'll get to that...) Maybe the universe is trying to teach me patience. It's never been my strong suit.

Supposedly a strong time for change and new beginnings, on the new moon of last month I had surgery for the second time on my knee. Since then, I have spent the better part of this month on the couch. But in an effort to keep my mind active even if my body couldn't be, I started up both french and flute lessons again. And helicopter pilot training. I'm slowly getting back to physical exercise- first arms & abs, very gentle yoga, one-legged indoor climbing (which is ridiculously difficult and totally hilarious), even water aerobics in the community pool. But nothing lifts the spirit, quite literally, as flying a helicopter and leaving the craziness that is LA far below.

If there's one thing I like about southern California though, its the food. Maybe its the Italian in me, but food plays a central role in my life, as it should, both as a source of energy for the body and soul, a connecting force of culture and community. And here the sun shines and crops grow year round. I love spending hours wandering the farmers markets and a couple of months ago on my drive south I stopped at Esalen near Big Sur for a few days to participate in an organic agriculture workshop. Building a compost and harvesting vegetables for dinner in Esalen's garden:

Holiday season is upon us, and that means sharing special meals with family and friends. I find it even more special to know where my food comes from.

Eight months ago this started as a rock climbing blog but looking back I see it has become anything but! I hope someone finds some inspiration, or now has some to share with me!

Somewhere over the rainbow, Yosemite awaits.


  1. Injuries heal and in time offer new perspectives. Sounds like you are doing just fine and taking up some excellent activities. Stay strong!

  2. I'm back in the Valley and missing you. Your drive and ambitions are admirable, and your ability to turn this time into something productive and sustainable in your life is incredible! I'm so proud of you Holly!!! I wish you a speedy recovery :)

  3. Every setback is an opportunity for a different adventure than was planned that can be just as good. Would you have taken the time to learn to fly helicopters if you were still out climbing all this time?

  4. B"DE Holly, rest in peace my friend. You always reached for the stars...

  5. Holly, how I wish we could have reconnected and known one another as grown women. I read about your adventures, I look at your world travels, and I see so much common passion and purpose combined with so much of what I still long to do. What a wildly free spirit you were, so daring and so curious. What a treat it would have been to have shared a yoga class or a hike or a conversation. Though it was over a decade ago that we knew each other, mere kids passing in the hall, I will remember your zeal for life always. Peace and blessing to you, wherever you are, Holly. May the universe shine upon you as brightly as you shone upon her. And may your loved ones feel your presence for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. You are sorely missed.